Contact :

+33 6 29 44 35 75


About :

I'm a Graphic Design student in ECV at Aix En Provence I’m willing to discovers new horizons very curious and passionate I would like to create and experiment with my work.

I always try to understand my mistakes and transform them into a learning experience.

I’m also a joyful person, full of life who love to laugh and experience fun things.

Interest :

My interest are various, I love to discovers new thing that I don’t like at first.Most of all I’m really attracted by Asian art and culture, mostly Korean and Japanese.

I love to travel all around the world and I already went in Australia, Italy, Spain and Swiss. I also really love music, it’s a big part of myself, it boost my creativity and work everydays.

My work is always evolving by experimenting and discovering news ideas.I would be fulfilled to make your wishes come to live